About Us

In the 1940’s, the Walker Pump Company was having trouble manufacturing new pump housing due to the shortage of metal during the War. In an effort to keep the existing pumps running, Walker Pump Company began refurbishing old pump housing to keep up with product demand.

A machine was needed to clean used pump housings for rebuilding. Leon Walker could not find a machine well-suited for this application. Therefore, he built one. The first Walker Peenimpac Machine was built in 1955 in New York. There was such an interest in this equipment that the Walker Peenimpac Machine Company was born in 1956.

The company moved to Valdosta, Georgia in 1963. That same year they hired Raymond Lightsey. Raymond is still the chief engineer and designer of the Walker Peenimpac Machine.

The longevity of the machine is due to its simple, durable design and low maintenance costs.