Model S-17-40 SP

The model S-17-40 SP is a specialized, high-production version of our standard S-17-40 T.  We take the standard model, add more horsepower, sideblasters, material handling system, and any other customer specific options.  This machine is common for high production applications where fast cycle times and minimal material handling is required.  Average cycle time for this machine is 5 minutes. 


With two 25 horsepower lower blasting motors and two 5 horsepower side blasting motors, this machine has a media-throwing capacity that is second to none in a cabinet this size.  Typically coupled with our model CC dust collector, this machine is for the most extreme production environments.

  • Blasting Wheels: 2 lower wheels, 2 side wheels
  • Horsepower: 25 HP lower wheels, 5 HP side wheels
  • Basket Size: 36in Dia. x 68in Wide
  • Cycle Time: 4 min. average
  • Footprint: 96in Wide x 54in Deep x 82in High
  • Basket Speed: 2 RPM
  • Dust Collector: Model CC
  • Cabinet: 3/16in thick Abrasive Resistant Alloy
  • Construction: Bolt-together for easy replacement of components
  • Electrical Consumption: 38.4 KWH
  • Electrical: 3 phase, 230 volt or 460 volt
    • Nema 12 enclosure
    • All motors thermal overload protection
    • All motors totally enclosed fan cooled
  • Safety: Blast wheels only operate if door is closed
    • Door electrically locked out if machine running
    • Cable pull switch across machine front

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