Our History


Leon Walker founded the Walker Pump Company in the 1940's.  Due to the shortage of metal after the War, Mr. Walker had difficulty manufacturing new pump housings.  In an effort to keep the existing pumps running, Walker Pump Company began refurbishing old pump housings to keep up with product demand.

The available methods for cleaning pump housings proved inefficient and labor intensive.  Mr. Walker had serious concerns about cost, durability and efficiency of equipment.  When he could not find a machine well-suited for his application he decided to build one. The first Walker Peenimpac Machine made it's New York debut in 1955.  Interest was so strong for this equipment that the Walker Peenimpac Machine Company was born in 1956.

The company moved to Georgia in 1963. That same year Raymond Lightsey joined the organization as a shop foreman.  The next year Mr. Walker passed away and his wife Helen took over the management of the company and the design of the equipment.  It was during this time that the company saw its most significant growth, adding new products and expanding into international markets.   Mrs. Walker passed away in 1993 transferring the ownership of the company to Raymond Lightsey, now the Operations Manager. 

After years of successfully building blasting equipment and nearing retirement age, Raymond sold the business in 2002 to the current owner of Shotking.  However, he is still employed by the business as a consultant and still makes decisions in equipment design and assists customers with equipment they purchased and he built 35 years ago. 

The Shotking staff still carry on the tradition of building simple, durable equipment to the pioneering design concepts first created by Leon Walker in the 1955.