Since 1952, the Walker Peenimpac shot blasting machine has served many diverse industries. The very first Walker Peenimpac shot blasting machine was developed for the automotive industries to rebuild automotive water pumps. The tank cylinder industries was introduced to Walker Peenimpac shot blasting equipment in 1976 to clean 20 lb. Bottles all the way up to 1000 gallon tanks! The Mining industries has also benefited from our shot blasting equipment, blasting precious metal bars since the mid 1970's. The Walker Peenimpac Shot Blasting Equipment has been used for decades in the casting, forging, and stamping industries blasting steel, aluminum, brass and copper. A near white finish has served the powder coating industries with a durable, long lasting coating. In recent years, our shot blasting equipment has improved the metal fabrication industries and automotive wheel industries by providing cost effective, high production shot blasting of unique parts and wheels. Select your industries from the list to the right and see what shot blasting equipment best suits your needs!