The most important factor in the powder coat industry is cleanliness of the base material.  The powder coat finish is only durable if tightly adhered to the metal surface.  Therefore, the quality of a powder coat finish is in the blast cleaning operation.  This is why blast cleaning to a near white finish is desired.  The Walker Peenimpac Machine is the most aggressive blast cleaning machine for the money on the market today.  Challenge us with your application!

Model S-3-9


The model S-3-9 is the machine that was first developed by Leon Walker in 1955. This compact but powerful machine is often imitated, but never duplicated. Perfect for blast cleaning small parts that can be tumbled in a basket, this model is ideal as an introductory machine for this market. It has a mesh basket 30" diameter by 24" wide. Average cycle time for this model is 8 minutes.


Model S-7-19


The model S-7-19 is a larger, more-powerful version of the S-3-9. It is the largest single wheel machine that we manufacture. A lot of machine in a small package, it is perfect for cleaning medium and large parts that require aggressive blasting. It has a mesh basket 36" diameter by 24" wide. It can also be configured with a rotating fixture custom designed for your part. Average cycle time for this machine is 8 minutes.


Model S-17-40 T


The model S-17-40 T is our most common machine across all industries and has been in continuous production for 40 years. This machine features two blasting wheels to allow larger parts to be placed in the cabinet and still allow overall aggressive cleaning. It can be configured with a fixture or basket for part rotation. Typical basket or fixture size is 36" diameter by 68" wide. Average cycle time for this model is 10 minutes.


Model S-24-48 T


The model S-24-48 T is the largest machine in this class of equipment. It allows parts as long as 8 foot to be placed inside the machine and still be able to aggressively clean completely. It can be customized to your specific part configuration. Typical basket or fixture size is 48" diameter by 104" wide. Average cycle time for this machine is 10 minutes.