Walker Peenimpac shot blasting equipment was first introduced to the tank cylinder industry in 1976, and has been the benchmark in the tank cylinder industry since then. Shotking has set the standard for durable and cost effective solutions for tank and cylinder refurbishing. From 20 lb. bottles up to 1000 gallon tanks and high pressure gas cylinders! ShotKing and the Walker Peenimpac shot blasting equipmentcan handle your most demanding application.

Model S-5-14 T


The model S-5-14 T is the most machine for the money.  This machine is often imitated, but never duplicated.  For 30 years this machine has out-performed the competition.  It has the ability, with a removable basket, to run (4) 20 lb. cylinders, or (2) 33 lb. cylinders, or (1) 100 lb. cylinder per cycle.  This machine is also ideal for the high pressure bottle industry.  Average cycle time for this model is 4 minutes.  Add a second machine and you can achieve (100) 20 lb. cylinders per hour - WITH ONE OPERATOR!  Now that is high throughput with minimal labor cost!


Model S-17-40 T


The model S-17-40 T has been our most popular seller for over 40 years.  This machine set the standard in the propane industry 30 years ago, and our competitors are still trying to imitate this unique design.  The most attractive feature of this machine is its flexibility.  With a removable fixture, this machine can run (12) 20 lb. cylinders, (3) 100 lb. cylinders, or (1) 420 lb. cylinder.  This level of flexibility allows one machine to run all of your DOT cylinders.  Average cycle time for this model is 10 minutes.  Add our patented sideblasters to throw media horizontally, and your 420 lb. cylinders will come out of the machine with no additional cleanup required on the collars and footrings. We also offer a material handling system that includes an automatic door, cylinder loader, and cylinder unloader.  Add the optional sideblasters and material handling system to get a high production cylinder cleaning system.


Model S-17-40 SP


The model S-17-40 SP is a specialized, high-production version of our standard S-17-40 T.  We take the standard model, add more horsepower, sideblasters, material handling system, and any other customer specific options.  This machine is common for high production applications such as major propane dealers and cylinder refurbishers.  Average cycle time for this machine is 5 minutes.


Model S-17-40 2E


The model S-17-40 2E eliminates the "batching" common in most machines by allowing cylinders to pass directly through the machine.  This eliminates the downtime of loading and unloading. This machine can feed 20 lb., 30 lb., 33 lb., and 100 lb. cylinders directly through the machine automatically.  Cycle time on 20 lb. cylinders is 35 seconds and 100 lb. cylinders are 1 minute.  This machine can run over (900) 20 lb. cylinders per 8-hour shift.  The inbound and outbound conveyor system is custom designed to interact with existing systems in your facility.


Model 24-48 T


The model S-24-48 T is designed to handle small ASME bulk tanks. This machine allows for 250 gallon, 150 gallon, and 120 gallon tanks as well as 420 lb. cylinders to be loaded directly on the rollers. Average cycle time for this model is 10 minutes. Loading is simple using your forklift.


Model 34-55 500


The model S-34-55 500 is designed for larger ASME bulk tanks.  This machine can handle tanks from 250 gallon to 500 gallon.  Average cycle time for this model is 10 minutes.  Loading is simple using your forklift.


Model S-34-55 1000


The model S-34-55 1000 is the "beast" of tank cleaning equipment. It is the ultimate ASME propane tank cleaning machine.  You can load a 1000 gallon tank in this machine and remove it after 15 minutes ready to paint!  Try that with a grinder! That's high production on a "bulk" scale! It can also handle a 500 gallon and 325 gallon tank.