We have been providing two types of equipment for the mining industry since the mid 1970’s.

Precious Metal Bars: We have manufactured several machines to remove the slag and dross from precision metal bars such as silver and gold. We completed our first machine in 1975 for the cleaning of precious metal bars. Since then we have shipped equipment throughout North and South America, the Middle East and Africa. Our latest project was shipped to Siberia.

Equipment Maintenance: We have been producing machines for the maintenance of mining equipment for many years.  These machines typically clean rebuilt parts used in the mining industry. Our most common application is off road wheel and rim manufacturing and rebuilding.

Model S-7-19


The model S-7-19 is the largest single wheel machine that we manufacture. It has a large diameter basket and large horsepower motor. Parts are typically placed in a fixed basket for tumbling over a blast stream of steel media. The basket size is 36" diameter by 32" wide. Average cycle time for this machine is 8 minutes.


Model S-17-40 T


The model S-17-40 T is a larger version of the S-5-14 T.  This machine has a deeper cabinet to allow larger parts to be placed inside the machine for tumbling and cleaning.  The machine is commonly used to clean parts for mining equipment, including wheels for mining equipment and trucks.  The machine can handle a fixture or wheel with a 36" diameter and has a cleaning span of 68" wide.  Average cycle time for this machine is 10 minutes.


Model S-5-14 T


The model S-5-14 T is our most common machine model for the precious metal industry. Bars are placed in this machine to remove the slag and dross. Large size bars can be run two per cycle. This eliminates the manual, labor-intensive cleaning of precious metal bars. This machine can rotate a fixture 30" diameter by 68" wide. Average cycle time for this model is 6 minutes.